Live! In America CD

The Sweet Shop

The Sweet’s first live album in 20 years! Recorded live on the “Are You Ready, Steve?” Tour, the band plays all the hits and more how they were meant to be heard — LOUD AND PROUD!

Also includes all tracks as a full-resolution digital download.

Price: $15.00


Track Listing:
  1. Action (Live)
  2. Fox On The Run (Live)
  3. Hellraiser (Live)
  4. Love Is Like Oxygen (Live)
  5. Wig Wam Ban (Live)
  6. The Sixteens (Live)
  7. Windy City (Live)
  8. Sweet F.A. (Live)
  9. Turn It Down (Live)
  10. Sweet Dream (Live)
  11. Teenage Rampage (Live)
  12. Little Willy (Live)
  13. AC-DC (Live)
  14. Set Me Free (Live)
  15. The Ballroom Blitz (Live)